Publication Norms for the Blog

Thank you for your interest in publishing with us! We welcome contributions from popular education practitioners, scholars, activists, etc covering topics that focus on popular education initiatives primarily in Latinx communities and generally in the U.S. and Latin America.

Please follow the following guidelines to submit a blog post:

Articles must be submitted in the official language of the blog, which is Spanish and English. The Editorial Committee may approve the publication of articles in another language (French, Portuguese, etc.)


As a general criterion, articles should have a maximum length of 3-5 pages, including graphics, tables, citations, bibliography, and / or links, taking into account the presentation format described below. However, the Editorial Team may also accept works of a greater length.


Articles must be written in a word document, single spaced, with Trebuchet MS font, 1-inch margins on all sides. The title of the work should be font size 16, the subtitles 14, and the text of the article size 12.


- After the title, aligned to the right, the name of the authors should be placed on separate lines. In asterisk, at the foot of the page, please indicate for each author:

o   Nationality

o   Professional and / or academic profile

o   Institution (s) (if applicable)

o   Email address

- Please indicate if your publication is a book review, criticism of academic/professional talks or conferences.  


- Please add an abstract at the beginning of your article in font size 10 in no more than 6 lines. Additionally, on a separate line (Spanish and English), include four to six keywords for content identification.


- Full references should be included at the end, as follows:

Paul. Freire. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Mexico: Editorial Siglo XXI, 1970

Paulo Freire. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. United States: The Continuum International Publishing Group Inc, 2002

- Please keep in mind that the article will be published in color when you include tables, diagrams and / or graphics.

The publication of any material will be subject to the prior approval of the Editorial Team of the "blog" (Network of Popular Educators), taking into account the requirements above.

The articles are of personal authorship, that is, the opinions expressed reflect the thoughts, visions, and findings are the responsibility of the author. They will not necessarily reflect NDLON’s thinking, although articles are required to reflect and contribute critically and purposefully to the work that NDLON does.

Publication process: The selection and approval process of articles will be subject to the following procedure:

1) The author will send their work to the entire Editorial Team of this Network of Popular Educators via email:

2) The members of the Editorial Team will read the document and provide feedback to the author within a week.  

3) The author should read, analyze, and incorporate the comments and suggestions.

4) Finally the author will send the revised article for publication again to